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Klaus Parker
More Parking, Less Space
Stack Parkers
Multivario 2082 2042 G82
One System - Thousands of Variants
All the advantages of the previous types, such as saving of space and parking comfort, can be found in the Multivario
Economically priced multiparking system that uses narrow available space effectively. Both platforms are accessed slightly inclined
The upper platform is accessed horizontally. Provides space for higher-than-average vehicles
2072 SingleVario 2061 Varioparker 2015
Very comfortable system. Both platform are accessed horizontally. Easy getting in and out of the car
No pit required. The ideal combination for long-time and short-time parkers
Option for the 2061. Suitable for areas with reduced ceiling height. Ideal combination for long-time and short-time parkers
G63 Trinity 3015  
Horizontal parking for two or more vehicles on top of one another
Option for 2061. Parking for two or more vehicles on top of one another. Upper platform for long-time parkers, lower one for short-time parkers.
Outdoor Installation Underfloor  
Parking spaces without roofing (for up to 3 vehicles on top of one another)
Lowerable parking spaces (up to 3 on top of one another), flush to the ground and traversable, suitable for backyards or access areas
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